In the north of Sweden, the nights are the darkest.

In the middle of the winter, the sun hardly bares to reach the sky before it’s time for it to set again. Sometimes not even for an hour. Sometimes not even at all. But there are also the nights when the sun never sets. When the midnight sun stops just above the horizon, blurring out the difference between night and day. There are the northern lights, dancing over the mountains, because of those pitch black dark nights. And the places where the stars shine brighter than anywhere else.

This is where we come from. Swedish Lapland. Shaped by the contrasts of the northern nature. Inspired by the landscapes that take your breath away with all its wilderness and beauty. Our plan is to keep it that way. Breathtaking, that is. That’s why all our eyewear is sustainable, causing as minimal harm to the planet as possible.

Every piece from EOE carries a part of our heritage in them. A small piece of the Swedish north kept in the frames of our glasses. As a small reminder of this place that is like nothing you have ever seen before. Silently just being here. Waiting to be explored. Longing to be seen.